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How Many Toxins are in Your Potato Chips?
November 28, 2007, 8:34 pm
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Acrylamide is a dangerous chemical present in foods such as French fries, potato chips, breakfast cereals, cookies and crackers.

But it’s difficult to determine exactly how much of the chemical, which is a natural byproduct of cooking starchy food at high temperature, is present in any given food.

High levels of acrylamide in food were first reported in 2002, and, currently, little is known about how acrylamide forms, exactly how it affects people or what to do about it.

No manufacturers provide information on how much acrylamide is present in their products, and the most recent FDA data is more than two years old.

Studies have shown that acrylamide causes cancer in lab mice and rats. The federal limit for acrylamide in drinking water is 0.5 parts per billion, or about 0,12 micrograms in an eight-ounce glass of water, However, a six-ounce serving of French fries can contain 60 micrograms of acrylamide.

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